Online Business: Learning as You Go

online business learning as you go

Hiding in Embarrassment

One thing I’ve learned over the years since starting my online business is that you can create the income you want. The sky really is the limit.  And that you learn as you go and you can’t wait for things to be perfect before you take action.  I admit, it ‘s taken me a looong time to learn the whole concept of not waiting until things are perfect and that you can edit/revise as you go.

A perfect example (of take action now revise later) is of my very first information product – Outsourcing Success – that I recently released for the May Madness sale.  I released it (talk about stepping out of my comfort zone!) knowing there were updates/edits I wanted to make and that I could revise later.

Okay, so back to the whole learning as you go in your online business…

It can be a little extremely embarrassing when you think you come up with a great idea only to have it be a complete flop. Or, at least for me it was extremely embarrassing and I wanted to do exactly what the image above is – a woman hiding with a bag over her head! But it was a learning experience and ultimately we have to be able to learn from business ideas we come up with that don’t work out.

Here’s the story:

Recently Aweber sent out this important notice about having to unsubscribe all inactive Yahoo email address subscribers from your lists.

The reason?

Yahoo is releasing, to the public, any email addresses that have not been logged into for 12 months. Meaning, any inactive yahoo address on your lists could potentially be acquired by a new owner.

Why is that a big deal?

The next time you send a mailing if someone gets your email and marks it as spam (because they are a new owner and didn’t opt-in for your list like the old email owner had) it will affect your email deliverability in the future.

This is where the great idea comes in…

My bright idea was to send out a mailing to my list and offer to take care of this for them for $10. Even though the whole process of going in and unsubsribing those people was quick and easy, I figured that some people would rather just pay to have someone go in and do it because (a) they didn’t have the time or (b) they just didn’t feel like doing it.

Wow, talk about an idea gone wrong. It was such a huge flop. And I’m a bit embarrassed it was a such flop. But in the end it was a learning experience and I’m proud to have stepped out of my comfort zone and just went for it. But, looking back on it…

I know what  I did wrong:

  1. I had dollar signs in my eyes – not that you can get ‘rich’ off charging $10 for a project. But, I figured heck even if 10 people take me up on the offer that’s $100 extra. 
  2. I didn’t think about whether my audience would really need/want this service. (And it’s not about ME. It’s about my market and what THEY need/want.)

But, I walked away with some insight:

Sometimes you just have to go for something and give it a try. If you don’t you’ll never know if it’s going to work. (and if you feel embarrassed – get over it and move on!)

So, time to brush off the embarrassment and chalk it up to a learning experience :-)

Until next time…




  1. says

    That’s funny Tishia! I mean the photo with the bag over you health … come to think of it, could you have sold an ad on that bag? just kidding!

    Anyway, your conclusion is right: sometimes you have to go with something and give it a try!


  2. says

    talk about trying something! I wrote health instead of head … am I stuck on this new site
    about health and fitness I’m working on? sure seems like it!


    • Tishia says

      lol I knew what you meant when you typed health. Never thought of putting an ad on the bag – that would have been cute!

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