So you want to be a Podcast Star

An introduction to Podcasting
Guest article from Kelly McCausey

It was around this time last year that I first heard the word ‘podcast’.  I had been hosting my own independent internet radio show for a year and it was an easy step to add podcasting to the mix.  If you’re not sure what internet radio or podcasting is, I’ll give you a quick overview.

Internet Radio is simply audio provided to listeners over the internet.  There is a wide variety of music and talk radio available to listen to both as a live feed or as pre-recorded content available on demand.  It is generally expected that you’ll listen to the audio while near your computer.

Podcasting is audio provided over the internet via really simple syndication (RSS).  Simply put, it’s a process by which you can subscribe to receive the audios automatically with the expectation that you will listen to the audio from a portable device like Apple’s iPod.

Internet radio was already a pretty hot area to be involved in since more and more internet users are accessing the web via high speed connections.  But the explosion of podcasting back in 2004 drew a burst of attention to audio on the net.

One of the things that I love most about podcasting is that my audience grows with every major holiday.  When hundreds of thousands of people receive a new iPhone or Android or any Mp3 friendly hand held electronics item, I have that many more people with access to my podcast.

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of people out there with hopes to start a Podcast.  Hundreds of new programs are being launched every month, everything from pure entertainment to music to business topics.  I received several requests for help every week.  Most often it’s someone who would like to start a program that will help them to market their products or services.

I soon found I was repeating myself over and over in answering questions both by email and by telephone.  The questions that people asked reminded me of my own efforts to get started.

I created a tutorial.  I wrote out my own journey step by step.  I shared the software used, the equipment tried and trashed and what I ended up using to this day.  I shared my tests and trials – I held nothing back.  Then I recorded the whole thing on audio.

The tutorial I created, aptly named Smart Podcasting Skills, is available to anyone who wants to start their own podcast.  I have been able to personally mentor more dozens of new show hosts, helping them get their programs launched – I love having the course as a stand alone resource for everyone I don’t get the chance to work with one on one.

Internet radio and podcasting is a terrific way to promote yourself and let your voice be heard.  So go for it, you really can be a Podcast Star.

Kelly McCausey does more than host a podcast for solopreneurs.  She creates information products and mentors others in building successful solo businesses.  The Smart Podcasting Skills course mentioned can be found here.

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