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Answer new affiliates questions before they even ask with this
Step-by-Step Affiliate Training Guide (with PLR Rights)! 

amember affiliate program training guideYou’re training now – only you’re doing it question by question as they’re sent to you by email, by private message, by Skype… with this guide you can be saving all the time!

This guide teaches YOUR affiliates step by step…

This training guide is jam packed full of easy to understand information that will make your affiliates appreciate you being a step ahead of them and warding off questions before they even have time to ask them. It will help your affiliates gain the knowledge needed to successfully promote you!

I know I’ve answered all of the most common questions because I’ve provided customer support for Amember based affiliate programs for over 8 years.

All you have to do is add your own affiliate account links and any program specific details you believe will make the guide more relevant for your affiliates and it’s good to go.

The best part is, it’s selling for a low introductory price of just $17 so you won’t have to break the bank for this training guide! And better yet, it comes with PLR rights!   

You’ll receive:


Get your copy of Affiliate Training with PLR Rights TODAY!

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Amember Affiliate Training Guide

 NOTE: This is an introductory special price. Grab it while it’s just $17.