Facebook is second only to Google in terms of Internet traffic, so just in those terms, it would be foolish not to have a marketing presence on Facebook.  The problem for most people at this point is that they jump in, toss up a Facebook page and make a lot of mistakes.

Three Common Mistakes and What to Do Instead

1. No Facebook Fan Page. You start with a Profile Page, but you shouldn’t stop there.  Create your Fan page for business and marketing, and use your Profile Page for friends and family.

You may be surprised to know that your Profile Page is limited to 5000 followers.  While it might seem like a lot more than you could ever manage right now, you will need the room as your business grows.  Marketing on your Profile Page is also discouraged.

Instead, create your Fan Page, where you can have an unlimited number of followers and can market freely.

2. Inconsistency. The biggest downfall after people set up their Fan Page is inconsistency.  You cannot show up now and then and expect to create a loyal following, participation and interaction.

The solution is being consistent.  You do not need to post massive updates several times a day.  Keep it simple, such as adding a great quote or a comment on a current issue and ask your followers what they think.  Or, use regular features such as a poll every Tuesday; this will keep your current followers coming back for more and help you gain new ones.

3. Keeping Your Followers on Your Fan Page. By not inviting your followers to visit elsewhere, you are missing out on big opportunities.  You might be leaving lots of traffic and profits on the table by encouraging your Fan Page traffic to visit elsewhere in your online world.

Rather, add an opt-in box to your Fan Page.  Talk about and invite your followers to other virtual places and events, such as your blog and web conferences and podcasts, or to check out your other social marketing accounts they might also use such as Twitter and YouTube.

P.S. Not sure how to set up a Facebook Fan Page or just don’t have the time to do it? Let Tishia Saves Time help you! For just $25.00 I can get your page set up for you (includes adding logo, newsletter opt-in form, etc).

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