Not sure what to blog about? Here are 100 ideas.

Do you struggle with knowing what to blog about?

One of the most common roadblocks for bloggers is knowing what to blog about. Not anymore thanks to Chris Brogan who created a list of 100 Blog Topics for Your Business. You can edit them to fit your specific business – awesome!

Here are five of the topics he listed:

  1. How What I Do Helps You Grow Your Business
  2. Confessions From Past Mistakes
  3. What We Do When We’re Not Hard at Work
  4. Start Here (for first time visitors to your site)
  5. How Mobile Technology Impacts (your business or product or their space)

Visit 100 Blog Topics for Your Business for the full list.


5 responses to “Not sure what to blog about? Here are 100 ideas.”

  1. Thanks for sharing your find, Tishia! This is a great resource (as are you!).

    I usually do not struggle with what to post, but rather finding the time to post is my issue! However, when I do get stuck, I AM STUCK! I will be referring to your shared post in the future!

    You are awesome!

    • Hey Paul! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Oh yes, finding time to post can be a huge problem too.

  2. What a great find Tishia. Thanks so much for sharing. Bookmarking to come back to this whenever I have writer’s block (which happens more often than I like).

  3. I usually have something to say but like Paul mentioned, it’s making the time to actually post that I need to add to my calendar. It’s nice having a list like thing to refer to. Definitely adding it to my swipe file.