Social Media Tips and Strategies

social-mediaIf you’ve been an internet marketer for any length of time you’ve probably gotten caught up in all the social media rage.

Most internet marketers use social media sites like Facebook, and Twitter (some even still use MySpace) as a business platform to grow and connect their networks.

These networks are a great avenue to connect with potential customers.

If you are considering using social media sites, the following methods can assist you in successfully using social media marketing.

Adding Friends

Let me start by saying social media isn’t just about making yourself look “popular” by having a huge number of followers. Yes you want followers, that’s the whole idea but you want targeted followers!

So, don’t go to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, etc and just start adding this person and that person for the sake of gaining followers. Many people find this annoying and do not “friend” the person back.

If you’re doing this you’ll find that you will end up with hundreds or thousands of people you’re following but very few people following you back.

The ‘right’ way of expanding and growing your network is to find people with interests similar to yours and only add them if they truly seem interesting to you.

Once you have done this, you must show them the value of “friending” you back by offering interesting, relevant, or entertaining content to show you are a real person of value to know.

Status Updates

Your status updates can illuminate the type of person you are in general.  Keep in mind the type of audience you have and be sure to post only in the tone and with only the news that they will find appropriate and valuable.

It is fine to use a personal account to post status updates like “I’m going to the movies tomorrow with my peeps and I won’t pay for parking hehe :)” but this would not be at all welcomed by your audience on your professional account unless you have already established that you are a lighthearted joker that won’t take things seriously.

It is better to remain professional in your business updates to ensure you don’t lose the trust and respect of the people you have worked hard to gain the attention of.